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Boys League 12-15 y/o 

Tues / Thur Training (Training begins week of 9/12 and ends week of 10/31)

Saturday Games (Match weekends begin 9/16 and ends 11/4)

Cost $240 per player (Includes game day top, Trainings + Match days + Private BAND group for at home trainings and EQ Formation)

Trainings: Tues & Thur 6-7pm Technical/biomechanics/Soccer IQ 

Trainings break into three parts: 

15 min Biomechanics (focusing on agility/mobility/split-step)  

30 min Technical (ball conduction, passing, shooting, control)

15 min Soccer IQ/EQ (understanding movement, communication, emotional intelligence) 

Match Days: Saturdays between 9:00 AM - 3:00 pm 6v6 (5 field players + goalie)

We will break the girls into assigned teams of 8-9 players 

They will stay on their assigned teams throughout the season

Matches are two haves of 23 minutes with 2-min half time 

BAND Group: As part of offering more value we will have a private BAND group where Coach Al will send at home sessions they can do as well as content to form their soccer IQ and Soccer EQ. This content will form their confidence, resiliency, how to deal with struggle, inner value etc..

  • Flat soled/turf indoor soccer shoes, or tennis shoes

  • No outdoor cleats permitted

  • Shinguards

  • Long Socks

  • Shorts

  • All participants will get a game shirt (away team will wear pennies)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Join our Community!

Want to play pickup? Join a team? Looking for a team? Take a soccer/futsal lesson?

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Scan the barcode on mobile or click the button below to join our Private Football Factory Community Group. Here we will announce pickup soccer/futsal times, organize technical/fitness training opportunities for adults, and connect players with teams to play in one of our leagues. 

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