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 Welcome to 

 The Solano 

 Football Factory! 

 "Where Passion Is Formed" 

What we offer?

Welcome to our football/soccer indoor center, where we pride ourselves on providing exceptional programs for both youth and adults alike. Our mission is to ignite and nurture a genuine passion for the game while equipping our players with the technical expertise they need to excel. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, we are committed to creating a dynamic environment that fosters growth and opportunities for global play. Join us!

Serving all of Solano County

Since our founding, we have served the football/soccer needs of Solano County families with pride. The Solano Football Factory is a community center embracing football/soccer offering fun and formative programs in futsal, indoor wall soccer, and youth/adult leagues. We are now the premier football/soccer performance center in our region offering technical, tactical, performance training.

Join our Community!

Want to play pickup? Join a team? Looking for a team? Take a soccer/futsal lesson?

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Scan the barcode on mobile or click the button below to join our Private Football Factory Community Group. Here we will announce pickup soccer/futsal times, organize technical/fitness training opportunities for adults, and connect players with teams to play in one of our leagues. 


1891 Woolner Ave, Suite A
Fairfield, CA 94533


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